Checking root LVM partition

If one day you are facing the problem that I am having now , the following information might be very useful.

I am using Fedora 12 and I suspect the root partition some how corrupted or facing bad sector issue power failure.

Here is my solution:

1. Boot from Fedora 12 installation CD or DVD , select rescue installed system option.
2. Skip the mount volume step. You can't check file system when a volume is mounted.
3. When you are at the shell prompt, issue the following command. It will activate the LVM volume.

lvm vgchange --ignorelockingfailure -P -a y

4. If you don't know the volume name , you can use the following command to list all the LVM volume.

lvm lvs

5. then you can issue the following command to check for bad sector. I assume you are using ext4 file system for root partition.

fsck.ext4 -c /dev/VolGroup/logVol00

Hope this will help.



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