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Microsoft 365 open source replacement - Part 1 - Solution Design

This is an open source solution as an alternative to Microsoft 365. Here is the overview of the solution. Let me introduce the function of each components. Cloudflare First of all , we use Cloudflare as our first line of defend. The free plan include SSL certificate , Global CDN and Unmetered mitigation of DDoS attacks with up to 59 Tbps capacity.  Nginx Master nginx will act as the reverse proxy for most of the services. So that you wouldn't need to configure ssl certificate for each of the services behind the nginx. And you can configure a lot of settings here, for example, limit service access by incoming ip address , fault tolerance and load balance the service. This is a example if you need HA or load balance Authelia Authelia will work together with Nginx to provide 2FA protection for the services that don't support 2FA. For our case here, Guacamole, Bookstack and LDAP Manager do not have 2FA, so we will shield it with Authelia. Zimbra Zimbra Collaboration is a collaborat