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ASR Backup with USB Hard Drives

I found an article about ntbackup ASR. * Well what do you do when you need to resize partitions or change perhaps from a volume to RAID status or rebuild a RAID array? How do you get that SBS box up and running again? Many use some great disk cloning or imaging solutions out there. I've heard great things about Aconis True Image Server or Paragon Drive Backup . In the past I've used products like this with great success. However now Windows Server 2003 and thus SBS 2003 come with some great backup items out of the box to get you going again. And perhaps you don't want to pay the $899 and $399 respectively for the products above. How about using the ASR backup with ntbackup included with SBS? Microsoft has an SBS backup/restore whitepaper out there but it doesn't mention ASR. It's more from the standpoint of what if the server croaked. Well in this situation we're preparing for a change. The reason that the ASR backup is nice and I like it is that you don't