Bash Crash in Windows Services for UNIX enviroment

After install Windows Services for UNIX and install BASH by using the package from, whenever I launch BASH directly or launch it after entering C shell , I will received an error saying that segmentation fault (core dumped).

At first , I install KB942312 hotfix as suggested from this page . The error still occur. According to the page , this KB942312 hotfix will allow BASH to run even with DEP active. So I would say this hotfix is a must in order to resolve this issue.

Then I keep browsing until I come to this page : . They suggest to install KB929141 hotfix. After I did that, the BASH is running.

If you keep reading further, one of them say instead of installing
KB929141, we should install KB953191 because KB953191 is the newer version of KB929141. But since my BASH is running now, I would rather keep it until I face another problem.

In short, first install
KB942312 then KB953191, if not working then only apply KB929141. Hope this note will be able to help you, if you are facing the same problem as me.



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